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A Lily

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Based in Brighton, UK, and bringing together influences as diverse as ambient drone, delicate indie-folk, pop songwriting, electronic music and modern classical,  A Lily is the solo project of James Vella (yndi halda).


James has released a handful of A Lily records with Blank Editions, Kingfisher Bluez, p*dis, Fierce Panda, Dynamophone Records and Sound in Silence among other labels. The son of a choral / operatic soprano and music theory lecturer, he grew up around music and saw his first record release as a teenager. Using the “A Lily” name to encompass all of his solo music, his releases have covered broad stylistic ranges, from dark alt-pop to piano solos to mechanically-hearted electronica to abstract avant-garde.

Lupa is an EP of self-produced tracks that trails the full-length Roma. Both EP and album reference the ancient Roman tale of Romulus and Remus – two brothers raised from childhood by a feral wolf, eventually fighting to the death over the formation of the city of Rome.

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